World Oral Health Day 2018

It’s World Oral Health Day on Tuesday 20 March 2018 and here at Eastside Dental we think it’s an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of oral health. The aim of the awareness day is to encourage people to understand the connection between their oral health and their general health and well-being.

A healthy mouth is crucial for maintaining overall health and consequently improves quality of life. World Oral Health Day also aims to highlight the associations between certain oral health problems and diseases. Such as diabetes, cardiovascular/respiratory disease and some cancers. As well as helping to raise awareness of common risk factors and promoting good oral hygiene habits.

Our Oral Health Advisors at Eastside Dental can give you advice on a number of areas to help improve your overall oral health and prevent any possible problems from occurring. We can advise you on:

  • Brushing your teeth correctly
  • Tips on flossing
  • How to use interdental brushes
  • Dietary advice
  • Suitable products to meet your needs

Many people underestimate how their diet can affect their oral health. For example, you may think that fruit juice and squash is a great alternative to fizzy drinks but in fact they contain just as much sugar, even if it is a natural source. We can help advise on dietary and lifestyle choices.

If you’re concerned about your oral health, get in touch with us and our friendly team of Oral Health Advisors can help. Call 01792 642733 or email