Working with the Swans – The team behind the team

It’s that time of year when the team behind the team are at their busiest. When nothing is happening on the pitch and the players have well deserved holidays, the professionals off the field are working as hard as ever to ensure everything is ready for the coming season.

This also includes the medical team which has to ensure every player is fit and ready to go when the season starts, and anyone joining the club has been assessed and urgent matters addressed. Once the assessments are made the hard work begins, building strength and endurance to make sure every player can fully focus on their performance on the pitch.

Swansea City Football Club was one of the first Premier League clubs to include dentistry as part of their routine medical care. As the appointed provider we at Eastside Dental have a busy pre season carrying dental assessments, treating urgent issues and putting together a long term plan.

Eastside Dental has looked after the players for many years and the club has made it a priority to ensure everyone is dentally fit! Why? The effects of dentally related issues on performance can be severe, from reducing a player’s ability to perform at their best to stopping them playing all together. There is increasing clinical evidence that dental issues affect performance in top level athletes and there are plenty of examples where performance has been influenced, not just in football but many other professional sports.

By providing the best care we can we are doing our part to help Swansea have another very successful season.