The only option for safe & effective teeth whitening treatment

Are you considering teeth whitening treatment? Make sure you go to a dentist or registered dental professional for safe, effective results.

Recent reports have revealed a number of beauticians across the UK are performing illegal teeth whitening procedures on people. The maximum legal strength of hydrogen peroxide that can be used by a registered dentist in the UK is 6%. Anything above this, and if used incorrectly, can cause tooth loss, burns and blisters not to mention excruciating pain to the patient, unaware of the legal situation and the potential consequences.

At Eastside Dental, we provide a safe and simple way to whiten your teeth with our teeth whitening kit. Teeth whitening involves gently bleaching the teeth, so they gradually lighten by several shades. The process requires two short appointments. The first to ensure your teeth are suitable for the treatment i.e. you have no gum disease or leaking fillings or crowns. If suitable we’ll take impressions of your mouth to make your whitening trays. The second appointment is to fit your trays correctly and ensure that you know how to use them. Treatment is 6 to 8 weeks and the trays can be worn for a maximum of 1 hour a day.

The results of the whitening treatment can last up to three years, but this very much depends on the individual. If you smoke or consume a lot of food or drink that is likely to stain teeth, such as coffee or red wine, the length of time will reduce. Whitening products available on the high street can contain up to 0.01% hydrogen peroxide. You won’t achieve the same effect as whitening treatments available at Eastside Dental.

If you have any questions about the teeth whitening treatment available at Eastside Dental, contact the team on 01792 642733 who will be happy to help.